Andi Ashari

Tech Voyager & Digital Visionary

A Brief History of My Career

A Brief History of My Career

Hey there, tech buffs! I’m Andi Ashari. Let me take you through my exciting journey in the tech and innovation universe. It’s a story that starts in the lively streets of Jakarta and takes us through the intricate world of cloud tech and software engineering. It’s been an incredible ride!

Where It All Began

My tech adventure kicked off at BINUS University. It wasn’t just about sitting through classes; it was my entry into the realm of software research and development. As a Junior Researcher, I explored the depths of machine learning, unraveling its potential and future impact. My love for sharing knowledge also led me to teach, where I could ignite the same passion for computer science in young minds.

Stepping into the Professional World

My first major step in the industry was with Telekomunikasi Indonesia in Bali, working as a Web Developer. I was in charge of developing a web-based logbook application to boost the field staff’s efficiency and accountability. This project was my first foray into creating impactful, real-world solutions.

Exploring the B2B Domain

Next, I joined, an energetic B2B marketplace. Starting as a Software Engineer and eventually becoming a Technical Architect, I was at the forefront of developing and reinforcing the platform’s technical backbone.

The Cloud Computing Chapter

I couldn’t resist the draw of cloud infrastructure. I consulted for renowned companies like Kargo Technologies and Shopee, focusing on system architecture and cloud infrastructure improvement, ensuring they were scalable and efficient.

My Time at Traveloka

I joined Traveloka as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, immersing myself in this role for nearly two years. My hard work and contributions led to a promotion to Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. After another year and a bit, I transitioned to Senior Site Reliability Engineer, a role that reflected my growing responsibilities and the pivotal role I played in our systems’ efficiency.

The Skills I’ve Gained

Every twist in my career path has added a new skill to my arsenal:

  • Software Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • System Architecture
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development

Reflecting Back

Reflecting on my journey, each decision and challenge has molded me into the professional I am today. From the academic world to the corporate sphere, from software engineering to cloud architecture, my career stands as a testament to lifelong learning and adaptability.

As I continue my tech journey, I’m thankful for all the experiences and amazing people I’ve met. The adventure isn’t over yet, and I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

Thanks for coming along on this stroll down memory lane. If you’re ever up for a chat about tech, innovation, or just sharing stories, I’m all ears. Here’s to more years of breaking new ground in the tech world! 🚀